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Sodium silicate digester

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Powders handling and minor ingredient premixing

The complete system is designed to automatically mix a batch of minor ingredients, to be pumped to a larger mixer downstream in the process.

Included in the system is :-

  • a bulk storage tank on loadcells.
  • a de-bagging station with integral dust collector.
  • a powder feed auger.
  • a drum pumping station, including drum heating pads as the ingredient has to be melted.
  • a mixing tank is on load cells.
  • an agitator.
  • a delivery pump.

Overall view of the installation.  12 tonne bulk storage tank on the left, drums on heating pads in front and debagging station to the right.  The mixing tank is obscured.

Debagging station.  The perspex cover is lifted, bag inserted, slit open and emptied into the auger hopper.  Dust is carried away into the intergral dust colletor which shakes any collected powder into the hoppper after the cover is closed.  The dust collector only operates when the cover is open.

The mixing tank on load cells.  Three liquid infeed lines on the left, agitator in the middle and powder auger on the right.

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