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Rubberised fabric Slitter/Rewinder

Designed to take a 1400mm wide roll of rubber containing 880 metres of 1mm thick uncured rubber/fabric laminate and to slit it into strips with a minimum width of 15mm.

Cutting is done by either crushing rollers (shown) or razor blades

Rewind tension is monitored by load-cells on intermediate rollers and varied as a function of rewound diameter (measured by laser distance sensors) by changing the amount of slip the rewind spools have relative to the rewind shafts.

Centralisation is available on the let-off frame

Let-off tension is varied according to fabric tension as it enters the machine. Tension is controlled by changing the air pressure on a pnuematic brake.

The slitter/rewinder is driven by three 2.2kW DC motors with speed reduction by gearbox, then by toothed rubber belt drive.

The machine is capable of slitting/rewinding at a maximum speed of 60m/min.

Slitter under construction, view from the rewind end

Slitter in service.  The rewound rolls of rubber are about to be off-loaded onto the stand

A view of the main drive (on the right) and the two independent rewind drives

A view of the area where the slitting is done.  Un-slit fabric is visible to the left, slit fabric to the right.

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